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• Welcome to Jinmirai Meibatsu, Eternal Retribution. Founded on August 6th, 2007 by Magirawashii and SharinganKakashi, Jinmirai Meibatsu is a clan truly unlike any other. We place friendship before power, logic before bias, and our ideals before our accomplishments. We are not merely a clan - we are a family, and will hold strong through the ages together. We are, and always will be, Jinmirai Meibatsu.

• Jinmirai Meibatsu is a clan founded on morals and objectivity, thus our ideal environment would be an intelligent, dedicated, yet easy going atmosphere which promotes participating clan family above anything else.

• Jinmirai Meibatsu will most likely not be participating competitively in Naruto-Arena and Soul-Arena hosted tournaments and clan leagues/cups. However, if given the opportunity and if it has gained full support from the members of the clan, we could decide to accept any and all invitations. Of course it will be for the goal of entertainment and gaining experience, rather than for pride as a clan.

• Jinmirai Meibatsu will most likely never accept "Alliances" amongst clans, unless the clan is given logical reason to do so.

• After one year of closed applications, we have re-opened the application process and are now accepting new members.

• New thread opened

• We are closing applications at this time.

• Recruitment has been reopened.

• After a long period of inactivity, we've received our first applicant of 2012.

• dark_1star is admitted into Jinmirai Meibatsu's current student body. Congratulations!

Here you can find anything that is Jinmirai Meibatsu related. Feel free to check out the links provided by clicking on the images corresponding with the selected link. Please note that some links may not work anymore due to the recent cleaning of Naruto-Boards. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

• Jinmirai Meibatsu Flash: created by DRN_Shikamaru --- JinFlash

Despite not being the most active clan when it comes to the game itself, we still get around to have a little fun. Below are the recorded activities Jinmirai Meibatsu members have run or participated in. Each "Clan War" or "Tournament" were acknowledged with the following winner(s). Also, credit not only goes out to all the clans and players below, but all the people who joined our events. Without you, it wouldn't have been a successful moment for both Jinmirai Meibatsu and Naruto-Arena / Soul-Arena representatives alike. (Disclaimer: I'm sure there are other Tournaments and/or Clan Wars Jinmirai Meibatsu members have hosted or participated in. The reason they are not mentioned here is because we hold no information concerning their contributions. However, if you do posses any knowledge regarding similar assemblies please feel free to share it with our corresponding staff. Thank you for understanding.)


• Jinmirai Meibatsu VS Acres Caelestes ReUnited (1-4)
• Jinmirai Meibatsu VS Kyuubi Reapers (1-0)
• Jinmirai Meibatsu VS Hellbound (Last Man Standing)
• Jinmirai Meibatsu VS Espada (5 vs. 6, Last Man Standing)
• Jinmirai Meibatsu VS Kusanagi (3-2)
• Jinmirai Meibatsu VS Kage Suishou (Last Man Standing)
• Jinmirai Meibatsu VS Goryo Chandra (Last Man Standing ~ DRAW)


• None

Official Jinmirai Meibatsu Tournament
Winner #1 || Hotspot12

High On Crack Tournament
Winner #1 || Kamatari
Winner #2 || babybalong

Shun’s Ole School Tournament
Winner #1 || Red)King
Winner #2 || Uchiha_Silvos

”Hot”ness Tournament
Winner #1 || Raphiel
Winner #2 || wwechamp
Winner #3 || Forcystos
Winner #4 || Hanz_the_dark21
Winner #5 || XiT_WoUnDz
Winner #6 || Penguins

Ultimate Dumplings Tournament
Tag Team Winner #1 || Gundam Muffins ~ (Ezdragon2 and Darth—luke)

Quick Poetry Contest: Rebirth
Winner #1 || Stefan-vn

-Hitsu-'s JinMei Tournaments!
Winner #1 || DeMoNiCNaRuTo and iViet-porn
Winner #2 || TheChaoticEnd

Giving credit where credit is due, the next section is dedicated to all the people that contributed to the well being of the clan. Be it still active or retired, their actions helped give shape to the masterpiece before you, concatenated into one big aspiration : Jinmirai Meibatsu. We couldn't have done it without you, guys. Thank you and a big round an applause from everyone to:

• Magirawashii and SharinganKakashi || For creating the clan in the first place.
• Shunni-of-Ark || For providing much of the graphics in clan members' signatures and avatars
• Shirayuki_Haruna || For creating such awesome clan tags for the members.
• Soryuju || For compiling the JinMei Chronicles.
• DRN_Shikamaru || For creating the JinFlash.
• Hotspot12 || For designing the clan page format.
• Yunobaka for making the amazing banners found on this page.
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Below is the list of all of Jinmirai Meibatsu's members. Each individual is classified in a class year based on the year they joined Jinmirai Meibatsu. Each of them have proven themselves to be JinMei material and should be respected. Many have since left the clan while others have become inactive because of real life events, but for those who are still around, it will always be a place of entertainment and joy. Even though it's members seem to come and go, there is one thing that will never change, the jubilant atmosphere that surrounds Jinmirai Meibatsu.

Class of '07
#000 - The Everlasting Enigma || SharinganKakashi
#001 - The Hacker with ADD || Magirawashii
#002 - The Extravagant Artist || Shunni-Of-Ark
#003 - The Debator of Balances || Soryuju
#004 - The Eluding Oddball || MasterM
#005 - The Illusionist || Babybalong
#006 - The Deity of Creation || ChrisNemo
#007 - The Eternal Naruto Fan || NarutoFighter
#008 - The Humble Wordsmith || DRN_Shikamaru
#009 - The Optimist || Franchize
#010 - The Prodigy || Drummer
#011 - The Elegant Princess || Shirayuki_Haruna
#012 - The Elegant Sweet Talker || Newhope/Daigae
#013 - The Cynical Angel || Teiji_uchiha
#014 - The Omitted || Nolith
#015 - The Steadfast Achiever || Betrayer
#016 - The Proficient Optimist || DancingDiva
#017 - The Handsome Beast || Torn
#018 - The Starseeker Elf || 11wizard

Class of '08
#019 - The Endless Thinker || Jin_Adoku
#020 - The One Word Mistress || Septic
#021 - The Flirtatious Mystery || Shishimay
#022 - The Ambiguous Admirer || Apathetic/NarutoUchiha
#023 - The Crytpic Savant || Iamalunatic
#024 - The Inquisitive Mind || Hotspot12
#025 - The Blind Sentient || -Adnan-
#026 - Unknown || Shikahake7
#027 - The Intelligent Player || Ninjaman180

Class of '09
#028 - The Dreaming God || -Rain-/RainingLove
#029 - The Silence's Voice || Waves6
#030 - The Silent Idealist || Elpizo
#031 - The Flawless Victor || Corbis
#032 - The Underestimated Hero || Deity
#033 - The Procrastinating Pacifist || Itachi3334
#034 - The Discreet || Dragonjojojo123
#035 - Lemon Zest || Stefan-vn
#036 - The Underestimated Joker || -YokoShima
#037 - Unknown || Izanagi
#038 - The Inspiring Skater || KidSpud
#039 - The Anti-Hero || Funbags
#040 - The Devious Soul || -Kazuki-
#041 - The Talented Goddess || HyuugaHinata32
#042 - The Nonchalant Strategist || NarutardIsPwnzor
#043 - The Uplifting Presence || Finus324
#044 - The Thoughtless Avenger || Ubli
#045 - The Flamboyant Intellectual || GarKittan
#046 - Unknown || Dakidwill
#047 - The Rhythmic Ditto || L08
#048 - The Idle Logican || King_of_Shadows
#049 - The Fallen Prince || Reaper434
#050 - The Music Adept || Kinker
#051 - The Matrix of Animosity || Sixx
#052 - The Exuberant Luffy Fan || Sean
#053 - The Beautiful Fantasy || Sora
#054 - Unknown || Metal_Link
#055 - Unknown || Poiuy
#056 - Unknown || Ramen
#057 - Unknown || Thousandsunfire
#058 - The Incessant Idealist || Ignimaru
#059 - The Defiant Jester || Cjca2006
#060 - The Violent Tortoise || Rew93
#061 - The Neurologic Deficit || Asuika

Class of '10
#062 - The Offbeat Oddity || Sky-Angel-Ryuken
#063 - The Sexy Surrealist || Yunobaka
#064 - Dumb || Pilaf
#065 - The Pleasant Catastrophe || Darkwashu
#066 - The Thoughtful Princess || Kelbyat07
#067- The Infected Deviant || DeidaraUchiha

Class of '12
#068 - Uknown || dark_1star

Below is the list of our active members who contribute to anything Jinmirai Meibatsu related. We do not force our members to participate on any flash games or even the boards for that matter. As long as they are active on our forums and they contribute to our topics on the forum, they are considered an active member. Each profile contain their clan tag, N-A and S-A username, clan number, their personal quote/motto (optional) and a quick description of the member.

N-A: Shunni-of-Ark
S-A: Eurydius
Member #002
“The creative person is willing to live with ambiguity. He doesn't need problems solved immediately and can afford to wait for the right ideas.”

An eccentric member of Jinmirai Meibatsu, a variant at heart. A slave to beauty and goodtimes. Tommarrow is the only day that appeals to Shun, labeled between overachieving airhead and slackerish arbiter. Shun is currently enrolled in the military and will be absent for some time. We hope for Shun's safe return.

N-A: Hotspot12
S-A: Hotspot
Member #024
"You can criticize someone's ability to do something, but you can never criticize how much they love to do it."

A steadfast, yet humorous member of Jinmirai Meibatsu, Hotspot joined in April of 2008 during one of JM's lowest activity points. He enjoys playing soccer, hang with friends, random drives around town, - hey, if it's fun, don't be surprised to see him lingering around. His sense of humor and love of waffles has endeared him to the clan.

N-A: Stefan-vn
S-A: Stefan-vn
Member #035

• Not so much a mystery nor an enigma, Stef is everything he represents himself as being. There’s no persona, no masking of flaws and faults or boastful claims to inflate self worth; rather someone who approaches situations with honesty and his own brand of integrity whatever the subject may be. Quick witted and humorous, his undeniable passion for those few he calls “friend” has endeared him to some and made jealous men out of many. As loveable as he is orgasmic, Stef will always be a little slice of heaven in the form of a lemon. <3 from Chem.

N-A: NarutardIsPwnzor
S-A: ThePwnzor
Member #041

• A brave warrior who charges into the battlefield that is the internet argument with only his uncanny knowledge of sqrts, an array of unpopular opinions, and his heroic resolve, Keith “The Pwnzor” Courage is the guiding force behind many of JM’s wackier adventures. With a sharp wit, and a sharp tongue to match, one might think that ThePwnzor isn’t the kindest fellow around. Well, one would be wrong. He’s just what we like to call “brutally honest”, and that’s how we like it. He’s quite the gentleman when the situation calls for it, and that’s all we’re going to say about that. He’s come a long way since her first started out so long ago, and expectations are high. The world better get ready for this nonchalant strategist, because he’s hurtling at it with the speed and force of a Minorin fastball, and he’s sure to leave quite the impression.

N-A: Finus324
S-A: Finus324
Member #042

• Armed with a wide arsenal of witty and engaging banter, shining creativity, and a gun in his heart, Finus324 makes for an always lovable member of the Jinmirai Meibatsu family. He has a rich history on the forums full of fond memories which serve to represent the devlopment he has undergone thanks to the social links he has established here. Finus is now a deep, complex character modelled after his heroes, Munsu, Jack Russell, and Shunni-of-Ark. As time marches on, Finus continues to grow as a character and only time knows what is in store for his future.

N-A: Teh_Blood
S-A: Garkittan
Member #043

• Extremely introverted, unless you dig his feelings out with a shovel, he's found refuge in Jinmirai Meibatsu after three years of aimlessly roaming the boards. He's been a member of N/S-A for for a total of four years now. He's critical at times, but has proven to be very insightful when needed. He loves playing video games, watching romantic comedies, staying up excessively late, and taking long naps whenever he gets the chance. His ambitions in life include becoming a professional bass player, and a film maker. We're proud to have him as a member of our loving community.

N-A: L08
S-A: L08
Member #044

• One of the many artistically talented members of our community, he's always willing to perform ridiculous tasks that our other members seem to throw at him. He's very understanding of each individual's opinions and ideas, making him one of the most enjoyable people to conversate with. He has a burning passion for practically any genre of music. His loyalty is so great that it's difficult to comprehend, and he plans on joining the Navy once he graduates from secondary school. He has contributed a large amount to this clan, and can be considered one of the most valuable members of Jinmirai Meibatsu.

Tag: Will be made upon request.
N-A: Ramen
S-A: Ramen
Member #056

• Profile yet to be created.

N-A: Ignimaru
S-A: Ignimaru
Member #058

• Profile yet to be created.

N-A: Rew93
S-A: Rewboy
Member #060

• Profile yet to be created.

N-A: Sky-Angel-Ryuken
S-A: Sky-Angel-Ryuken
Member #062

• Sky-Angel-Ryuken doesn't really have any unique attributes that set him apart from your average internet/forum-goer, and that's exactly how he would like it to stay. He's not one that wants attention, his companionship with his family at Jinmirai Meibatsu is more than enough for him. Here's to hoping that that companionship lasts for an eternity.

Tag: Will be made upon request
S-A: yunobaka
Member #063

• Profile yet to be created.

N-A: Pilaf
S-A: Pilaf
Member #064

• Profile yet to be created.

N-A: Darkwashu
S-A: Kamina
Member #065

• Darkwashu might as well have been officially named a member a long time ago. He has had strong ties with the members of JM long before his being admitted into the clan. He is a very fanciful, classy gentleman. Although he is in high school, Darkwashu still manages to make time to frequent the forums and make time for his friends here.

N-A: deidarauchiha
S-A: Deidy
Member #067

• Having joined in August of 2010, Nikki is a welcomed addition to the Jinmirai Meibatsu family. She is a kind, well-spoken individual, who represents the family with unique qualities. A seasoned veteran on the Naruto/Soul-Arena forums (having joined in 2007), we'd hope she would have found us sooner, but it's better late than never. We can only hope that Nikki's time as a part of JM is an enjoyable one, because, so far, we have enjoyed having her here.
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Below is the list of our inactive members who are currently busy with their everyday lives. We do not stress that members always be active as we do understand that life takes priority over everything else here. Even though they currently may not be an active member, they are still respected as a member as we will await their return to Jinmirai Meibatsu. Each profile contain their clan tag, N-A and S-A username, clan number, their personal quote/motto (optional) and a quick description of the member.

N-A: SharinganKakashi
S-A: EyeAmShaKa
Member #000

One of the founding fathers of the clan, SharinganKakashi helped create Jinmirai Meibatsu.

N-A: Soryuju
S-A: Soryuju
Member #003
"A fixed mind is diseased."

A kind, optimistic, and philosophical member of Jinmirai Meibatsu who has stood by the clan through good and bad times alike. A highly creative and logical thinker who bears the discipline of a martial artist, he is always searching for new ways to expand his perceptions of the world, and strives to enjoy every moment that passes him by. Though he will often lament the crushing loads of schoolwork he must face, he will spend what free time he can by precisely crafting strategies and stories. His presence in Jinmirai Meibatsu has been invaluable to the clan, and his loyalty to his friends defines him - their happiness is his own.

N-A: MasterM
S-A: MasterM
Member #004

One of the more easy going members, MasterM has been around Jinmirai Meibatsu since the early days. He possesses a great sense of humor and a keen mind to boot. Because of his busy life schedule, he has basically retired from in-game activities and does not appear online too often. Although, he does tend to stop by to pay his respects to us every now and then.

N-A: ChrisNemo
S-A: N/A
Member #006

One of our many former Naruto-Boards moderators, ChrisNemo has also been a member since the early days of the clan. He can be very creative and inspirational to everyone. Like many of our members, ChrisNemo has currently retired from any in-game activities. As such, his busy everyday life prevents him from visiting us as well. We hope one day he can return and enlighten us with his extravagant personality.

N-A: NarutoFighter
S-A: ByakuyaFighter
Member #007
“Arrogance is often the undoing of a would-be victor”

The Official Naruto Fan of Jinmirai Meibatsu, a funny dude. He enjoys to play soccer, video games, and basically likes having a fun time. NarutoFighter use to be excellent in-game player, but as of late, has not found the time to get back into the game.

N-A: DRN_Shikamaru
S-A: Erebus
Member #008
"The only undeniable truth in this world is that there is no such thing as an undeniable truth"

Always to be found armed with reading material, he likes nothing more than to get down and dirty with some text, be this prose, poetry, drama or - as he convincingly argued in his last seminar this term - video games. His one true joy is creating, and often you will find him writing in as disparate forms as fiction, debate, NA Tournaments and flash-game coding.

N-A: Franchize
S-A: N/A
Member #009

• Profile yet to be created.

N-A: Drummer
S-A: Drummer
Member #010
"True peace is not merely the absence of tension,it is the presence of justice."

A veteran of NA for over a year and a half now he is also JM's Youngest member at age 14. Drummer is easily annoyed with noobs, but a good friend with people he knows and cares about. His activity is currently diminished slightly because he is an altaholic on City of Heroes.

N-A: Shirayuki_Haruna
S-A: N/A
Member #011
“If you see me as just the princess then you misunderstand who I am and what I have been through.”

A lively girl member of Jinmirai Meibatsu, a love believer. Very sensitive when it comes to love, elegance, and the art of beauty. Shirayuki is one of our first graphic makers and is responsible for our clan tags, avatars, and signatures. She tends to visit the clan forums from time to time.

N-A: Teiji_Uchiha
S-A: N/A
Member #013
"That which is bitter to endure may be sweet to remember."

A peculiar member of Jinmirai Meibatsu, with a morbid sense of humor. Self-proclaimed jack-of-all trades; who dabbles in drawing, prose and poetry writing, and thinking up of ways to torture humankind.

N-A: Nolith
S-A: N/A
Member #014

Nolith was responsible for the GFX work on Soul-Arena. Sometime after joining, he left and became one of the leaders of Rikkai. After leaving the clan, he was welcomed back into the Jinmirai Meibatsu. He has since taken a leave from the boards because of his everyday activities. We hope one day he returns.

N-A: Betrayer
S-A: Betrayer
Member #015
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed. It is the only thing that ever has."

Betrayer joined Jinmirai Meibatsu in August of 2007 when he became a moderator of the forum. He was searching for a clan that did not require incredible in-game achievements in order to join, yet did not have any illiterate noobs. Luckily, he found the perfect match in JinMei. He has since become the head moderator and aspires to rise even higher so that he can do the most he can for the community. He will let nothing stand in his way.

N-A: Septic
S-A: N/A
Member #020

Not much is known about Spetic as she was only activity for a very short time while being apart of Jinmirai Meibatsu. We can hope that she is having a successful life and wish that one day she will return to find she was not forgotten.

N-A: Shishimay
S-A: N/A
Member #021

One of our more kind hearted members, Shishimay found her place when she enrolled in Jinmirai Meibatsu. Her strong will and loyalty to the clan wasn't something to be taken lightly. She has since retired from the in-game activities and has ventured out into the real world. We can only hope for her success and hope for her return to the clan.

N-A: Apathetic/NarutoUchiha
S-A: N/A
Member #022

NarutoUchiha joined the clan during the spring of '08 and has since been a valued member of the clan. His independent personality and distinct sense of humor is what he's known for within the clan. Again, like many of our inactive members, everyday life activities have prevented him from visiting the clan affairs.

N-A: Iamalunatic
S-A: N/A
Member #023

A kind and cheerful member, Iamalunatic always has a positive attitude. Every time he had something to say, you could always picture a great big smile on his face. As time passed, he became inactive for reason unknown. Though, it's assumed that his everyday life took over. We hope to once again hear from him, but until then we'll just have to keep him in our thoughts.

N-A: Shikahake7
S-A: Shikahake7
Member #026

A practical soul whose modesty belied his intelligence. Not a lot is known about this wondering soul as he hasn't made an appearance since joining the ranks of Jinmirai Meibatsu. Even so, we still value him as an exceptional member and will await for the day he will return to us.

N-A: Waves6
S-A: Waves6
Member #029

• Profile yet to be created.

N-A: Corbis
S-A: Corbis
Member #031

Corbis is one of our more practical members. He's one of those people who are more straight to the point, which is something that's well respected around here. Not to mention he has a very creative and keen mind to go along with that. After being active for well around a year within the clan, Corbis has since felling into a state of inactivity.

N-A: Deity
S-A: Deity
Member #032

Deity is an open minded, creative member of Jinmirai Meibatsu. He enjoys engaging himself within intelligent debates and just having fun. Whenever Deity would join the conversation, the atmosphere would always be electric and entertaining. He has since become inactive because of school and sports related activities.

N-A: Dragonjojojo123
S-A: -Kenshin-
Member #034

• Not very well known due to his constant inactivity, he's one of the youngest members of our clan. He takes his studies very seriously, and works hard to reach his goals. His mind works in fascinating, intricate ways that are fun to figure out. His practical jokes and tactics are very surprising, but exciting at the same time. He brings a feeling of joy wherever he goes, but you wouldn't be able to tell from a first impression. His charming personality is one of the many interesting characteristics he has that constantly keeps Jinmirai Meibatsu under his spell.

Tag: Will be made upon request
N-A: Izanagi
S-A: Izanagi
Member #037

Izanagi joined the Jinmirai Meibatsu in February of '09. Izanagi enjoys engaging in intelligent discussion with anyone. Which explains reason on why Izanagi wanted to be apart of the JM family. Although, shorty after joining the clan, not much of Izanagi has been seen.

N-A: -Kazuki-
S-A: -Kazuki-
Member #040

• Profile yet to be created.

N-A: HyuugaHinata32
S-A: N/A
Member #041

The seeker of names; as what HyuugaHinata is sometimes known as. This was because of her exclusive nicknames she would come up with for the members. Despite being turned down the first time she applied, she continued forward. After undergoing another rigorous application process, she was finally accepted into Jinmirai Meibatsu. She has since been involved with another site for role-playing and has not been involved with any JM activities for quite some time. As long as she as everything is going good at her site, we don't mind and we hope she will stop by and grace us with her presents.

S-A: King_of_Shadows
Member #048

• Profile yet to be created.

N-A: Millerman
S-A: Sean
Member #052

Sean joined Jinmirai Meibatsu in huge recruiting era of '09 He is multi-talented in both sports and graphics making. Whenever he isn't online making signatures or avatars, he's out playing baseball, football, or any other sport. Because of his many talents outside the boards, he sometimes finds it hard to be online consistently. Despite this, we are glad to be blessed with such an outstanding member.

N-A: N/A
S-A: Sora
Member #053

• Profile yet to be created.

Tag: Will be made upon request
N-A: Poiuy
S-A: Poiuy
Member #055

• Profile yet to be created.

Tag: Will be made upon request
N-A: Thousandsunfire
S-A: Thousandsunfire
Member #057

• Profile yet to be created.
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January 14, 2009

Below is the list of our former members who have departed from Jinmirai Meibatsu for personal reasons. This area was made to commemorate these individuals and their contributions to the clan. Even though currently no longer part of Jinmirai Meibatsu, they will forever remain honorary and welcomed members. Each profile contain their clan tag, N-A and S-A username, clan number, their personal quote/motto (optional) and a quick description of the member. Additionally, note that these biographies we're written during different points in time; therefore, the biographies may be inaccurate concerning where these members are now in their Naruto/Soul-Arena.com careers. We at Jinmirai Meibatsu apologize for the inconvenience.

N-B: Magirawashii
S-B: Cefnu
Former Member #001
"We shall never resolve the enigma of the relation between the negative foundations of greatness and that greatness itself."

Another one of the founding fathers, Magirawashii helped create Jinmirai Meibatsu.

N-B: Babybalong
S-B: N/A
Former Member #005
"Belief in the absence of illusions is itself an illusion"

Babybalong was one of the early members of clan which helped pave the way for the foundation of Jinmirai Meibatsu. He is currently a member of Nijyuu-Shoutai.

N-B: Torn
S-B: megaTORN
Former Member #017
"The handsome beast that is untamed and willing to rip apart all those who think otherwise. He not only shocks the ladies with his charming good looks but his modesty wins over all."

An over enthusiastic member of Jinmerai Meibatsu, valiant. A man of multiple skill: the arts of Naruto-Arena, Graphics, Modeling, and Educating. Once led Rikkai alongside Nolith and is now a proud member of Twilight of Spirits.

N-B: 11wizard
S-B: N/A
Former Member #018
"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

An elusive and mysterious member of Jinmirai Meibatsu, a thoughtful observer. Embracing magic and science, life, the Universe and everything. 11wizard has since retired from Naruto-Arena. We wish her a successful future in what she loves to do.

N-B: -Adnan-
S-B: -Adnan-
Former Member #025

Note much is known about -Adnan-. He was only a member of Jinmirai Meibatsu for a few weeks. He showed to be an upright fellow with a nice sense of humor. He departed from JM for reasons that he believe that this clan was not a right fit for him. Adnan is a Honorary Member of JM forums.

N-B: Ninjaman180
S-B: Ninjaman180
Former Member #027

Ninjaman was a great addition to the clan. He was a major help in the recovery of the clan as his energetic, spirited mood helped the clan become as active as ever. This included promoting ideas and moving along projects that we have been working on. Without Ninjaman, things wouldn't be the way they are now. Sadly, some misfortune happened between him and the clan which involved him leaving. Ninjaman has left Naruto-Arena. We wish him the best of luck in his future. He is still a honorary member on our forums.

N-A: -Rain-
S-A: Scott
Former Member #028

The youngest member every to be enrolled into Jinmirai Meibatsu, Rain. Despite only being 13 at the time of his entrance, he engaged in deep conversations with maybe of our old members. About a little over half a year after being recognized as a member of the clan, Rain decided to hang it up for good. Even though this was such a disappointing event, his last words to us were nothing more than exceptional: "Since January 4th, the date of my joining, I think I can say this is the most fun I've ever had in NB/SB. You guys made me feel special."

N-A: Elpizo
S-A: Elpizo
Former Member #030

Elpizo was one of our more outgoing members. If he had something on his mind, he wouldn't be afraid to state it. During the early days of him being a member, he was very involving with many of our clan activities and engaged in a wide variety of conversations that took place. Although, as time pasted, we began seeing less and less of him. It has been awhile since anyone from the clan has spoken to Elpizo and it is said that he has currently joined a new clan.

N-B: Itachi3334
S-B: -Antai
Former Member #033
"Art's true potential can only ever be reached when one rebuilds the foundations of what has been set, until it is impossible to distinguish it from perfection."

An intellectual member of Jinmirai Meibatsu who has committed himself to seeking both perfection and enlightenment in his daily ways of living. A former member of Hebi, he observed (stalked) Jinmirai Meibatsu long before resolving to join our humble family, but he has proven an invaluable asset to the clan since his induction. Boasting a keen mind, brilliant graphical talent, and an undying love for Eureka Seven, he has proven his utter commitment to the well-being of the clan time and time again, and has truly made Jinmirai Meibatsu better for his presence. Itachi3334 is currently a member of Twilight of Spirits. Despite being a member there, he still helps move along our JM Projects and we thank him for that!

N-B: -YokoShima
S-B: -YokoShima
Former Member #036
"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

A dedicated, enthusiastic member of Jinmirai Meibatsu, Yokoshima has proven truly irreplaceable as a part of the clan family. Formerly known as Itachi523230 and dishonored by his reputation for clan hopping, Yoko rose against doubts of his loyalty to prove his unwavering commitment to the clan. He took on the name Yokoshima to signify a new beginning, departing from the stains of the past to embrace a better tomorrow. Since that time, he has proven to be a highly active member of Jinmirai Meibatsu, always happy to share his opinions in clan discussions and to provide members with stunning graphical works. His comrades have never once regretted their decision to give him a chance, and now proudly call him their friend.

N-B: KidSpud
S-B: Paramore
Former Member #038

One of our more devoted members, KidSpud was looked to enjoy himself. He was part of the massive "baby boomer group" to joined Jinmirai Meibatsu in 2009. He enjoyed skateboarding and other exciting extracurricular activities. When he wasn't out having fun, he was a very diligent member and always looked to improve the clan with his creative ideas. KidSpud is a very successful graphics maker and is response for many GFX used by the clan. Unfortunately, after many months of being involved with the clan, KidSpud took his leave in search of a new beginning in Soul-Arena.

N-B: Funbags
S-B: Funbags
Former Member #039

• Profile yet to be created.

N-B: Ubli
S-B: Ubli
Former Member #044

• Profile yet to be created.

N-B: Dakidwill
S-B: Dakidwill
Former Member #046

• Profile yet to be created.

N-B: Reaper434
S-B: N/A
Former Member #049

• Profile yet to be created.

N-B: Kinker
S-B: Kinker
Former Member #050

• Profile yet to be created.

N-A: Sixx
S-A: Sixx
Member #051

• Profile yet to be created.

N-B: Metal_Link
S-B: Metal_Link
Former Member #054

Although Metal was a member of the clan for a brief time, he showed the potential to be an outstanding member of Jinmirai Meibatsu. His reason for leaving the clan shortly after joining was because one of his older friends was bring back an old clan. We understand and respect his decision. We only regret we did not get to know more about him. Metal is currently a member of Hidden Dawn.

N-A: Cjca2006
S-A: -Hitsu-
Member #059

• Profile yet to be created.

N-A: MentalSushi
S-A: Asuika
Member #061

• Just from the title that she has chosen, you can tell that Asuika is someone that is extraordinary. Many people may simply know her as a bunny eating, psychotic spammer; this, however, only describes part of her personality. Asuika is an amazing person to be around, and someone that almost anybody can get along with. It might not always be discernible, but she is one of the brightest people that visit these forums. She also is a prime example of why wit does not necessarily mean dull; a mere second in the presence of Asuika would prove otherwise. Half the time that you are with her, you may simply believe that she is drunk! But, her appealing personality as well as her unmatchable wit makes her a perfect fit for Jinmirai Meibatsu and someone that always keeps us entertained.

Tag: Unavailable
N-A: Kelbyat07
S-A: Kelbyat07
Member #066

• Profile yet to be created.

Jinmirai Meibatsu allow members of other clans to take part in our forum community; Below are the list of members who choose to take part in JinMei activity within the forum.

- *BananaSoldier*
- -Orihime
- -adnan-
- -destiny-
- -wWe-
- Alerane
- Amatsuka
- ANBU_Kaguya
- AquaticZombie
- Ari
- AxemRanger
- Chem
- Darkwashu
- Deidarauchiha
- Exia
- f0rGoTt3n
- FatDog
- Freshboyace
- Freshkidchris
- GodandDevil
- Hamjammer
- Harlequin
- Hinduragi
- ilicmm
- Indigo
- Infecty
- Jay
- JinJin
- Joo
- Junebuggy
- KakashiRinObito
- Kamatari
- Kayla
- KazuoOda
- Ken
- Kyminara
- Kytherno
- Lazy_Genius_13
- LeyChance
- Linzap7
- Linea Scura
- Massy88
- Mcthejboy
- Melissa
- Memories_of_rem
- Moonstryke
- MrShadow
- Ninjaman180
- Onewingedangel79
- Press
- Raymond
- Red)king
- RejecteDeity
- Renji-
- Reyben
- Sasukefan18
- Silvos
- Steve
- TimeWaitsForNoman
- Trin
- Undbitr
- Valex
- VincentDirge
- WhiteD
- Xyber
- Zach
- ZelostheHero

...More Pending...
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The Trials of Retribution:
Gaining Access to Jinmirai Meibatsu’s Inner Sanctum

• If you are interested in joining the ranks of Jinmirai Meibatsu, then this is the place to look. We have made some changes to the recruitment to better improve our outlook on the applicants. We have taken the time to write out everything that will be happening and what to expect during the application process. In turn, we expect you to read everything below. If you think reading this much is too much of a hassle, then maybe JinMei isn’t the right clan for you.


• Jinmirai Meibatsu does not plan on permanently closing the application process because of the amount of members we have. Many go in and out of active. Although, we do hold the right to close the application process if we feel we need to slow the process down. During that time, no applications will be accepted and there will be a posted note on our topic mentioning our closure.

• Jinmirai Meibatsu's application process may take up to 15 days minimum to complete. Although, we tend to do things in a sluggish manner so be prepared to endure the long process. If you are not willing to wait, I suggest you search for another clan. The time table for finishing the process (assuming you pass) will vary with each person pending on responses from members, clan activities, and other unforeseen events.

• During Jinmirai Meibatsu's application process, a maximum of TWO APPLICANTS will be under evaluation. There is a waiting list and we will keep track who is next on list. However, if things become very backed up, we will begin evaluating another applicant when one of the two applicants reaches the Trial Week Stage. At that point, there will be a total of three applications under evaluation. We will usually never go beyond that many at a time.

Stage 1: Introduction

• Those who wish to join the ranks of Jinmirai Meibatsu’s most trusted circle must not, as a pre-requisite, be affiliated with any other clan. Sub-clans and guilds, such as Ars Amatoria, Spamdom, or Virtue Arts, are not considered an obstacle to joining Jinmirai Meibatsu. For a select few lucky souls, Jinmirai Meibatsu offers honorary membership and access to our private quarters.

• After ascertaining whether you have the necessary virtues set out below, you will first introduce yourself to the clan with a short paragraph explaining who you are, why you want to join the clan, some of your interests, and anything that you wish to add. We are looking for people who:
- are eager to engage in discussions on a range of topics
- wish to grow strong bonds of friendship over their time here
- will remain loyal to Jinmirai Meibatsu’s cause of progression and intelligence
- will not engage in countless pages of unnecessary posting (spam)
- can balance the twin pillars of seriousness and light-heartedness
- understand that real-life priorities come first and will therefore not be disillusioned if certain members visit the boards less frequently than before

• Please take this stage seriously, as it can impact on your chances of being considered for further progress into the application process. However, we want your personality to shine through in the introduction; seriousness doesn’t have to mean bland and boring.

• After you are finished with you introduction, you may either post it on our clan thread or you can send a personal message using the Private Message System to an active member to ensure a quick response. Sending a personal message to the clan's account will only delay your response back. After someone acknowledges your introduction, it will be brought to Jinmirai Meibatsu’s recruitment court. From there, you will either begin your evaluation or you will be placed on our waiting list.

• To pass the introduction stage, you cannot receive more than one ‘No’ votes and you must have at least 50% of your votes for ‘Yes’. (Vote choices: Yes, No, Unsure)

• Estimated time of completion: Two Days minimum

Stage 2: Real-Time Interview

• After you have successfully passed the introduction stage, you will be asked to schedule an interview with one active member of Jinmirai Meibatsu. (See active list)

• It is up to you to schedule an interview. In other words, we will not seek you out, you must seek us out. All you need to do is message one of those members requesting to do an interview with the following information:
- Your MSN account, AIM screenname, or Skype Name.
- Time and date which you wish to conduct the interview
We will then message you back if we can or cannot schedule your interview then. Continue to try and find a common time which both of us can meet.

• During the interview, there should be at least one person to represent Jinmirai Meibatsu. Other members may also be involved in the interview if they wish to do so. They will be asking you a series of questions which you must respond to while the other should just be observing the conversation. The time which the interview lasts will vary with each applicant.

• I know this goes without saying but please use your own thoughts and ideas. If you are found using an outside source during the interview, your interview ill become invalid and you will fail the application.

• Once finished with the interview, the interview will be made public to the other JinMei members to view and discuss. During this time, you must wait until we come a conclusion.

• To pass the interview stage, you cannot receive more than one ‘No’ votes and you must have at least 50% of your votes for ‘Yes’. (Vote choices: Yes, No, Unsure)

• Estimated time of completion: Five Days minimum

Stage 3: Trial Week Stage

• After you have successfully passed the interview stage, you will be asked to take part in our Trial Week Stage. Unlike in the past, we require that you to take part in the Trial Week Stage. You will receive a message from one of our members saying that you have successfully passed the interview. Also included with the message is a link to the JinMei forums. You will be asked to participate on forum conversations. Many of our member also coincide on the Spam Kingdom on Soul-Boards so engaging in conversation there would also be a good idea.

• You will be evaluated for an entire week by all the members of Jinmirai Meibatsu. If you fail to participate, we will be forced to fail your application. If you become inactive during the Trial Week, we will ask that you notify us earlier so we can freeze your application until you return. If you do not return within a month, your application will become invalid and we will be forced to fail your application.

• After the week is up, we will be opening up polls for members to discuss and vote. During which time, feel free to continue to use the forums and engage in conversations with current members. Please remember that even though your evaluation is done, your actions may still affect your status, so keep that in mind.

• To pass the Trial Week stage, you must obtain full support (100% ‘Yes’ votes).

• Estimated time of completion: Eight Days minimum


• If you have succeeded thus far, then congratulations, you have become a fully fledged member of our family. Drop by our numerous forums and topics and start getting to know everyone better. There’s usually something going on, even if we’re not directly around to influence it. Now that you are a true member, you should choose a member title and request a Jinmirai Meibatsu signature, avatar and member tag from one of our resident GFXers, and display this with pride. Well done!


• If at any point of the first two stages of the application process more than one member votes ‘No’ on your application or you acquire less than 50% ‘Yes’ votes, your application will fail. If at any point of the last stage of the application process a single member votes ‘No’, your application will fail. If you wish to try again, you will not be able to reapply for at least another three weeks. During which time, you should assess why your application failed. Feel free to contact an active member if you wish to find out more about the thoughts on your application. Applicants are limited to a maximum of three attempts to enter Jinmirai Meibatsu before they are blocked for all future attempts.


• At any point of the application process, an applicant can request that they're application be withdrawn. If an applicant choose to withdraw their submission, their application will not longer be valid. Although, withdrawing from the process will not count as a strike against them nor will they have to wait the 3 weeks required. You are allowed to withdraw as many times as you want within reason. If an applicant continues to apply and withdraw extensively over a short period of time, we will consider giving them a strike or even worse, block all future attempts to gain entry into Jinmirai Meibatsu. So be advised, do not abuse the withdraw option.

• People currently applying to join Jinmirai Meibatsu will be posted here. This shows their current progress as well as the amount of time spent on the application process. ~Will be updated on a regular basis~

Waiting List

• Currently None

Being Evaluated

• Currently None

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Happy Birthday JM. It's been so fun being a part of this clan and I never want it to end. ;(
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I'll go get pilaf
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I thought we were doing 4 reserved posts. whoops for real now.

LOLOLOL Adam Wainwright and the Cardinals are fucking shit! LOLOLOL

Thanks Brent, I'll just be saving this for his eventual Cy Young award.
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very nice thread

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First page

Look great so far. Nice new thread.
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1st page i hope:oh dont kill me:worried
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Yeah... JinMei.
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NO!!! 2nd page -___-
Yea. I'll get back to it

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