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  Posted on September 26, 2011 21:50
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Ishida Uryuu 37.95%
Matches Played: 672 (0.52%)

This character has been entirely reworked to:

Hirenkyaku Shot
Uryuu shoots an arrow made of reiatsu dealing 30 reiatsu damage to one enemy and removing 1 random reiatsu. During Sanrei Glove, this skill will deal 10 additional reiatsu damage.
1 Hakuda, 1 Random
0 Cooldown
Reiatsu, Instant

Reiatsu Chain Shot
Uryuu shoots the reiatsu chain of one enemy, dealing 20 reiatsu damage to them and stunning them for 1 turn.
1 Kidou
1 Cooldown
Reiatsu, Instant

Sanrei Glove
Uryuu activates his reiatsu enhancing glove. For 2 turns, Uryuu will gain 1 Kidou or Hakuda reiatsu. The following 2 turns, 'Hirenkyaku Shot' and 'Reiatsu Chain Shot' will ignore invulnerability and will be unable to be countered or reflected.
1 Kidou
4 Cooldown
Strategic, Instant

Hanakari Jinta 55.22%
Matches Played: 4053 (3.16%)

Bat Strike
This skill now deals 10 physical damage, down 5, from 15.

Jinta Homerun
This skill now deals 25 physical damage, down 5, from 30.

Soifon 50.27%
Matches Played: 740 (0.58%)

Sting all Enemies to Death, Suzumebachi
Soifon strikes and poisons one enemy, marking them for 2 turns. If this skill is used on an enemy already marked, that enemy will be instantly killed. The following 2 turns, this skill will cost 2 Zanpakutou; this effect will end if the marked enemy dies. This skill cannot be removed.
1 Zan, 1 Ran
0 Cooldown
Affliction, Instant

Counter Kick
Soifon intercepts an opponent, countering the first new non-strategic harmful skill used on her and using 'Sting all Enemies to Death, Suzumebachi' on that enemy. This skill is invisible.
1 Random
2 Cooldown
Strategic, Instant

Soifon Flash Cry
Soifon releases her spiritual energy, drastically increasing her physical skills. Soifon will gain 1 Zanpakutou reiatsu, and for 1 turn 'Sting all Enemies to Death, Suzumebachi' will ignore invulnerability and will be unable to be countered or reflected.
1 Kidou
2 Cooldown
Strategic, Instant

Edrad Liones 42.36%
Matches Played: 550 (0.43%)

Spiritual Punch
This skill now deals 20 affliction damage, up 5, from 15.

Resurreccion Ulquiorra 42.92%
Matches Played: 212 (0.17%)

Lanza del Relampago
Ulquiorra gathers his reiatsu and chucks a spear at one enemy, dealing 40 reiatsu damage to them and stunning them for 1 turn. Ulquiorra will also receive 15 affliction damage*.
1 Rei, 1 Random
1 Cooldown
Reiatsu, Affliction*, Instant

Segunda Etapa
Ulquiorra taps into the power of his second released form. For 3 turns, 'Lanza del Relampago' will have no cooldown, and 'Cero Oscuras' will deal 10 more damage.* During this time, this skill will be replaced by 'Unlimited Regeneration' allowing Ulquiorra to heal 35 health.
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