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  Posted on October 29, 2011 07:37
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Ever wanted to make your own Arrancar? Want no more! Cause now you can! Here is how:
First, think about your personality. Choose one of these:
6. Kind but Arrogant
2. Violent and rash
9. Foolish but brave
5. Narcissictic but generous
4. Greedy yet smart
3. Lazy but loyal
1. Popular and bratty
7. Kind on the outside but cruel on the inside.
8. Diplomatic and diligent.
Next, think of your favorite color. Find the opposite color of that. That will be your Cero color. Your zanpakuto will be one of these. Note the numbers by the personalities. Match them with the zanpakuto and that is your zanpakuto.
4. A Hammer with a spike at the end, with two hands required to hold it. 6. A small claymore with spikes on the side. 5. A spiked ball and chain.
3. A massive shield which has a spike on the end. 2. A large katana which can block a lot but is so thin it cannot inflict much damage. 7. A spiked boomerang which inflicts mental wounds.
1. A quick katana which slashes at supersonic speeds. 8. A slow blade that when it hits inflicts unbelievable amounts of damage. 9. A bladed shield that slices at hypersonic speeds and streches out to defend. Now, come up with a name for you Zanpakuto. Next, find your zanpakuto's ability by using your age, from 10 to twenty. If younger than 10, double your age for this. If older than 20, half your age. Here are the abilities, according to age.
10: Can control enemies minds.
11: Can destroy matter.
12: Can cause opponents to become so smart and sane that they become stupid and insane.
13: Can shoot amazing beams.
14: Can cause the air around something to become unstable, letting you transform it.
15: Can extend to a whip that extends so much that you could wrap it around the world 10 times.
16: Can demoralize your opponent, leaving them drunken and unaware, which leaves them open to attack.
17: Can suck the life energy from a foe.
18: Can trasport the user and heal or destroy all in its path.
19: Can send the enemy to oblivion, like the Negacion, only permanent, even with an espada or captain level foe.
20: Destroys all that comes into contact with it, but it comes back after a while unless the user says a special incantation.
Now things get tricky. Either draw or use an online art program to come up with a Resurrecion. Post your results please.
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