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  Posted on July 7, 2016 16:14
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Rhaenys wrote:
-FourNation- wrote:
Jon not dead must like the attack on on him will change like the old guy said he needs to kill there boy inside and he is in charge of murders and rapist he needs to rule them through fear so that now of them mess with him and if he survives and is still lord commander if i was him i would find all those guys that stabbed me line them and start chopping there heads off one at a time in front of everybody and save that little boy for last and whisper in his ear the same words he used on my For the watch and cut his head clean off so them type of leader you are go against me lose your head

Well that what i think should happen

There is no way he'll still be the lord commander, I'll tell you guys what happens when the next book comes out, it's suppose to be out before season 6.

But yeah Jon is dead, If he is revived he won't be the lord commander anymore, he'll disappear, take back winterfell, or become thw king in the north, or warg into ghost.

I told Y'all.

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