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  Posted on June 18, 2013 02:39
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Shihouin Yoruichi 42.29%
Matches Played: 227 (0.28%)

Hidden Dagger
For 1 turn, Yoruichi will counter the first new harmful non-strategic skill that targets her. The countered character will receive 15 piercing physical damage* and for the rest of the game will receive an additional 10 damage from 'Flash Step Master' and 'Hidden Dagger'. This skill is invisible.

Ulquiorra Cifer 58.53%
Matches Played: 1577 (2.3%)

This skill now has 4 cooldown, up 1, from 3.

Resurreccion Yammy 56.93%
Matches Played: 2459 (3.58%)

Enraged Form
This skill will now heal Yammy 50 health, down 20, from 70.

SB Skin Add-on
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