Balance 11.1.4

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 Topic: Balance 11.1.4
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  Posted on June 30, 2013 17:56
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Kuna Mashiro 59.93%
Matches Played: 2945 (4.31%)

Drop Kick
Using both feet, Mashiro pounces on an enemy, dealing 10 physical damage to them and stunning their non-strategical skills for 1 turn. The following turn, Mashiro's other skills will also activate this effect. After 4 skills have been used, 'Vizard Mask - Mashiro' will activate.

Ushoda Hachigen 62.53%
Matches Played: 5060 (7.41%)

Standing Ovation
This skill's 2 duration effect in-built individual cooldown is removed.
This skill now has a cooldown of 1.

Vizard Mask - Hachigen
The DD of this skill is now 40, down 10, from 50.

Gate of The Four Beasts
One enemy will have their damage reduced by 100 and will be invulnerable to friendly skills. Will end if the enemy uses 3 skills that deal 30 or more damage or 4 skills that deal 10 or more damage. After 6 turns, the target of this skill will be instantly killed. This skill will end if Hachi dies.
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