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  Posted on July 7, 2013 20:23
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Hinamori Momo 57.41%
Matches Played: 1646 (1.99%)

White Crawl
Using a powerful kidou spell, Momo disrupts the reiatsu flow in her enemies. All enemies are stunned for 1 turn and will lose 1 random reiatsu. For 2 turns, the enemy team will ignore all reiatsu gain, removal and steal effects, and will have those same skills stunned.

Ushoda Hachigen 58.29%
Matches Played: 2038 (2.53%)

Standing Ovation
Deals 20 reiatsu damage to one enemy and stuns non-strategic skills for 1 turn. If used on ally, all enemy skills will be removed and they will be invulnerable for 1 turn. Can't be used during 'Gate of Four Beasts'. Ignores invulnerability. After 4 skills, 'Vizard Mask - Hachigen' will activate.

General Bug Fixes
Action skills now should work a bit better when dealing with skills that judge how much damage they are doing/can do like Rose's Slave Song, or Harribel's Hirviendo.

SB Skin Add-on
Wanna join Nijyuu-Shoutai? Please read this first.

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