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Kon 32.94%
Matches Played: 1014 (0.61%)

Gigai Pill
For 5 turns,' Flying Knee Strike' will deal 5 more damage and stun for 1 turn. Also, 'High Speed Rush' will deal 10 more damage. During this time, Kon will gain 10 points of damage reduction against physical and reiatsu damage.

Menos Grande 36.95%
Matches Played: 2560 (1.54%)

Menos Cero
Charging up and firing a Cero, the Menos Grande deals 15 reiatsu damage to all enemies and reduces their non-affliction damage by 5 for 1 turn.

Ayasegawa Yumichika 39.14%
Matches Played: 999 (0.6%)

Split and Cut Loose, Ruri'iro Kujaku
Instead of gaining 1 random reiatsu, Yumichika will now steal 1 random reiatsu from the enemy if they use a new skill.

Madarame Ikkaku 42.2%
Matches Played: 2436 (1.47%)

Demon Charge
This skill now grants 20 points of damage reduction against physical and reiatsu skills instead of 50%.

Hooleer 57.96%
Matches Played: 5839 (3.51%)

Breath of Death
This skill now has a cooldown of 1, up 1, from 0.

Kyouraku Shunsui 62.64%
Matches Played: 7766 (4.67%)

Iro Oni - Rainbow Demon
Replaces all enemy and ally harmful skills for 3 turns. After first usage, this skill can be used, for no cost, to replace Kyouraku's skills to their alts for 2 turns. Cannot be ignored, or removed, and goes through invulnerability. This skill will end if Shunsui dies.
Note: This means the alt effect of Iro Oni is now permanent.

Bankai Ichigo 40.4%
Matches Played: 448 (0.27%)

Flash Step Combat
Ichigo deals 20 physical damage to one enemy for 2 turns.During this time, Ichigo is invulnerable to physical skills, and if 'Getsuga Tenshou' is used on that enemy, Ichigo will gain 1 random reiatsu.

Getsuga Tenshou
This skill deals 20 reaitsu damage to one enemy for 2 turns. During this time, Ichigo is invulnerable to reiatsu skills, and if 'Flash Step Combat' is used on that enemy, Ichigo will stun their strategic skills for 1 turn.

Yylfordt Granz 45.18%
Matches Played: 498 (0.3%)

Gore, Del Toro
This skill will now have 3 cooldown, down 1, from 4.

Ggio Vega 37.03%
Matches Played: 613 (0.37%)

Tiger Fang: Ultimate Saber
Ggio bulks up, increasing his strength. Ggio gains 2 counters, and for 2 turns gains 20 points of damage reduction. This skill stacks.
Cooldown: None

Barragan Luisenbarn 39%
Matches Played: 559 (0.34%)

This skill now has a cooldown of 0, down 1, from 1.

Sarugaki Hiyori 60.95%
Matches Played: 5386 (3.24%)

Gatling Kick renamed to Flying Kick
This skill makes one enemy unable to reduce damage or become invulnerable for 1 turn and deals 20 physical damage to them. For 1 turn, if an enemy uses a new non-affliction damage skill on Hiyori's team they'll receive 5 physical damage.

Serpent Uppercut renamed to Serpent Strike

Dark Rukia 58.97%
Matches Played: 78 (0.05%)

Memory Link
Due to a completely unfixable glitch in the engine, this skill will see a slight rework that we hope will accomplish the same goal we had in mind, but differently. And without being glitchy.

Rukia gains one memory essence and will have this skill replaced by 'Memory Essence - Awaken'. If one ally reaches 0 health, they will be put to 5 health, have all skills removed and will be invulnerable to all skills. If Rukia dies during this time, so will that ally.

Memory Link - Awaken
Rukia awakens her fallen ally, healing them 35 health and 15 more for each memory essence and removing 'Memory Link' from them. Afterwards, all memory essences will be removed. This skill can only be used on the ally if they have died and have been set to 5 health.
0 Cost
0 Cooldown
Strategic, Instant
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