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Demoura Zodd 38.43%
Matches Played: 229 (0.14%)

Battle Roar
Using a primitive battle roar, Demoura raises the morale in his team. For 3 turns, each time Demoura or an ally uses a new harmful non-strategic skill, they will heal 20 health.

Hooleer 58.86%
Matches Played: 4315 (2.73%)

Light of Negacion
Summoning down the protecting light of Negacion, Hooleer will heal one ally or himself 35 health. That ally will also be invulnerable to non-strategic skills for 1 turn.
3 Cooldown

Ayasegawa Yumichika 38.77%
Matches Played: 1011 (0.64%)

Reiatsu Drain
Using only the partial power of his Zanpakutou, Yumichika will remove 1 random reiatsu from one enemy and will stun their non-physical skills for 1 turn.

Hisagi Shuhei 39.65%
Matches Played: 739 (0.47%)

Reap, Kazeshini
Using patient tactics, Hisagi waits for an opening to arise. Hisagi targets one enemy. For 3 turns, if that enemy becomes invulnerable, they will receive 30 piercing physical damage that ignores invulnerability and will be unable to become invulnerable for 1 turn. Afterwards, this skill will end.
Cost: 1 Zan

Shikai Rukia 38.79%
Matches Played: 629 (0.4%)

First Dance, Tsukishiro
The damage this skill deals is now 30, up 5, from 25.

Yylfordt Granz 40.68%
Matches Played: 440 (0.28%)

Gore, Del Toro
The cooldown of this skill is now 2, down 1, from 3.

Resurreccion Ulquiorra 44.44%
Matches Played: 189 (0.12%)

Sonido Wing Assault
Using his new wings along with his natural speed, Ulquiorra will deal 5 physical damage to all enemies for 3 turns. During this time, 'Luz de la Luna' will deal an additional 10 reiatsu damage. This skill stacks.
No cooldown

Kuna Mashiro 39.18%
Matches Played: 245 (0.16%)

Flash Kick
The destructible defense this skill gives is now 15, up 5, from 10.

SB Skin Add-on
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