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 Topic: Mega Balance 11.2.9
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Yasutora Sado 45.59%
Matches Played: 3413 (2.99%)

Arm Cannon
Sado attacks one enemy with a reiatsu powered cannon, dealing 25 reiatsu damage to one enemy and healing Sado 10 health. After this skill is used, all stacks of 'Draw' and 'Heavy Draw' will end.
1 Hakuda
0 Cooldown
Reiatsu, Instant

Sado gathers a small amount of spiritual energy, gaining 10 points of damage reduction for 1 turn. The next time 'Arm Cannon' is used, it will will deal 10 more reiatsu damage and heal 5 more health. This effect stacks.
1 Random
0 Cooldown
Strategic, Instant

Heavy Draw
Sado gathers a large amount of energy, gaining 15 points of damage reduction for 1 turn. The next time 'Arm Cannon' is used, it will deal 15 more reiatsu damage, heal 10 more health and will stun the enemy for 1 turn. This effect stacks, but the stun duration will not increase above 1 turn.
1 Kidou
2 Cooldown
Strategic, Instant

Tsukabishi Tessai 60.96%
Matches Played: 4047 (3.62%)

Binding Spell #99: Part 2, Bankin
This skill will no longer stop Tessai from being stunned.

Grand Fisher 38.91%
Matches Played: 496 (0.44%)

Hollow Bait
This skill no longer has a reiatsu cost, instead of 1 random

Shiba Ganju 47.76%
Matches Played: 3589 (3.16%)

Fireworks Bomb
Ganju throws his fireworks, dealing 15 physical damage to one enemy and 5 to all others. The primary enemy of this skill will be unable to become invulnerable or reduce damage for 2 turns.
1 Random
0 Cooldown
Physical, Instant

Ganju whistles for Bonnie-Chan, who tackles one enemy for 2 turns, dealing 20 physical damage to them, and making them unable to become invulnerable or reduce damage.
2 Random
1 Cooldown
Physical, Action

Quicksand Trap
Ganju places a quicksand trap on one ally or himself for 1 turn. The first new harmful non-strategic skill used on himself or that ally will be countered and the enemy will have their non-strategic skills stunned for 1 turn. This skill is invisible.

Madarame Ikkaku 42.44%
Matches Played: 1124 (1%)

Demon Charge
This skill has been replaced by:

Healing Cream
Using a special healing cream inside the tip of Ikkaku's scabbard, Ikkaku heals himself or one ally for 15 health. For 1 turn, that target will have 10 points of damage reduction against physical and reiatsu skills.
0 Random
1 Cooldown
Strategic, Instant

Hinamori Momo 37.63%
Matches Played: 651 (0.58%)

White Crawl
This skill now costs 1 kidou and 2 random, instead 1 rei and 2 random

Kyouraku Shunsui 44.88%
Matches Played: 869 (0.74%)

This skill now deals 35 physical damage, down 10, from 45
This skill now costs 1 Hakuda, 1 Random, instead of 2 Hakuda

Ukitake Joushiro 42.63%
Matches Played: 746 (0.63%)

Thunder and Water Seal
Using a protecting bind, Ukitake and one of his allies will become invulnerable to all harmful skills that deal damage for 2 turns. This skill will end in Ukitake's death. The following 4 turns, this skill will be replaced by 'Binding Spell #8: Seki".

Binding Spell #8: Seki
Using a deflection kidou, Ukitake will counter the first new physical or affliction skill used on his team. This skill is invisible and will end when Ukitake dies.
1 Kidou
1 Cooldown
Strategic, Instant

Final Form Uryuu 42.2%
Matches Played: 1166 (1.02%)

Rapid Kojaku Shot
This skill will now make Uryuu invulnerable to non-strategic skills for 1 turn.

Ishida Ryuuken 40.74%
Matches Played: 1139 (1.02%)

Reiatsu Release
This skill now costs 1 random, instead of 1 kidou
This skill now deals 10 affliction damage, up 5, from 5

Bankai Gin 62.7%
Matches Played: 4630 (4.14%)

Heedless Charge
This skill will now stun one enemy for only 1 turn, down 1, from 2

Menoly Mallia 44.3%
Matches Played: 395 (0.34%)

Blood-Red Cero
This skill now deals 35 reiatsu damage, up 5, from 30
This skill now deals Menoly 5 affliction damage.

Menoly overcharges her Cero. Each turn, 'Blood-Red Cero' will deal 5 more reiatsu damage to the enemy and 5 additional affliction damage to Menoly. During this time Menoly can use this skill to end it. This effect stacks and lasts for the rest of the game.

Ayon 41.27%
Matches Played: 189 (0.17%)

Major Bloodwound
Ayon charges at one enemy, dealing 15 piercing physical damage to them, and for the rest of the game, that enemy will receive 5 more physical and reiatsu damage.

Power Drain
Changed/renamed to:

Power Conversion
Ayon extends his power, receive 25 affliction damage*, and gaining 25 destructible defense. Ayon's skills will permanently deal 10 more damage. This skill can stack.
2 Random
3 Cooldown
Strategic, Affliction*, Instant

Hollow Tousen 37.58%
Matches Played: 157 (0.14%)

Grillar Grillo
This skill has been replaced by:

Instant Regeneration
Tousen kickstarts his system to heal his wounds. For 5 turns, Tousen will heal himself 15 health each turn.
1 Kidou, 1 Random
6 Cooldown
Strategic, Action

Instant Regeneration
Has been replaced by:

Hollow Tousen Deflection
The actual skill still does the same thing.

Yadomaru Lisa 65.81%
Matches Played: 2270 (1.93%)

Iron Dragonfly Air Cut
This skill will no longer increase Lisa's damage.

Kuna Mashiro 67.04%
Matches Played: 3568 (3.03%)

Flash Kick
This skill now grants 10 points of Destructible Defense, down 5, from 15
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