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  Posted on February 23, 2014 16:10
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Inoue Orihime 38.02%
Matches Played: 1791 (1.78%)

Triple Heavenly Linking Shield
This skill now costs 1 random, instead of 1 reiryoku
This skill now heals 10 health, down 5, from 15
This skill now grants 20 destructible defense, down 10, from 30

Yasutora Sado 31.66%
Matches Played: 938 (0.93%)

Heavy Draw
This skill now has a cooldown of 1, down 1, from 2.

Numb Chandelier 38.18%
Matches Played: 584 (0.58%)

Viral Seed
This skill will now steal 10 health, up 5, from 5.
This skill can now be used on the same enemy.

Metastacia 58.02%
Matches Played: 1441 (1.43%)

This skill will now grant 10 damage reduction, down 5, from 15

This skill now has a cooldown of 3, up 1, from 2
This skill can only be used if Metastacia's health is at or below 50

Hinamori Momo 34.12%
Matches Played: 469 (0.47%)

White Crawl
All enemies are stunned for 1 turn and will lose 1 random reiatsu. For 2 turns, the enemy team will ignore all reiatsu gain effects, and will have all reiatsu remove, drain and gain effects stunned. The following 2 turns, Momo will deal an additional 5 damage.

Hisagi Shuhei 38.76%
Matches Played: 436 (0.43%)

Scythe Throw
Hisagi throws and controls his scythe, dealing 15 physical damage to one enemy for 2 turns*. During this time, Hisagi's team will gain 5 points of damage reduction. The following 2 turns, this skill will be replaced by 'Cross Slash'.
1 Random
1 Cooldown
Physical, Action*, Instant

Cross Slash
If used on an enemy, this skill will deal 25 piercing physical damage to one enemy. If used on an ally, the first character to use a new harmful non-strategic skill on them will be countered and receive 15 physical damage.
1 Zan
0 Cooldown
Physical, Instant

Zaraki Kenpachi 41.91%
Matches Played: 1341 (1.33%)

This skill no longer has a cost.

Kuna Mashiro 68.02%
Matches Played: 3168 (3.15%)

Vizard Mask - Mashiro
This skill will now take 5 skills to activate
This skill will no longer heal Mashiro

Yadomaru Lisa 68.1%
Matches Played: 2376 (2.36%)

Spinning Bird Kick
This skill now has a cooldown of 2, up 1, from 1.
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