How Reflects Work

 Topic: How Reflects Work
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How Reflects Work

Reflects work by redirecting the effects of a skill from one character to another. There are a few different interactions with this.

Instant skills are generally reflected 100% with every effect of them moving from one target to another.

Action skills only have their active effects reflected. An example is Ganju's Bonnie-Chan. The effects of Bonnie-Chan are its damage and defense negation. Those two will be reflected, but the effect that adds them will not. If the reflect remains throughout the skill's duration, then eventually all those added effects will be reflected, but the main part of it will never be reflected.

Control skills are likewise reflected 100%, as with Instant skills and from there will work like normal.

Skills that change an enemy's skills, like Rosa Blanca are never reflected.

Skills that choose a target before they have a reflect active, or have targets outside the main target, such as Aizen's Shatter or Love's Club Crush are obviously not reflected because they go on different targets than the one that has the reflect on.

Skills that take priority, or overwrite other skills like Pivotal Scene also won't be reflected.
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