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Metastacia 65.64%
Matches Played: 7649 (2.79%)

This skill will no longer heal Metastacia.
This skill will end if Rebirth is used.

This skill can only be used if Metastacia is at or below 40 health.

Matsumoto Rangiku 42.83%
Matches Played: 1805 (0.66%)

Growl, Haineko
For the next 3 turns, this skill will be 'Ash Tornado' and any enemy who uses a new strategic skill or action will take 5 piercing physical damage*. During this time, if a skill that removes reiatsu is used on Rangiku or her allies, she will gain 1 random reiatsu. This skill will end if Rangiku dies.
1 Random
3 Cooldown
Strategic, Instant

Ash Tornado
This skill now targets only one enemy.
This skill now deals 10 damage, up 5, from 5.

Hueco Mundo Byakuya 66.65%
Matches Played: 9405 (3.43%)

Severed Tendon
This skill now lasts 2 turns, instead of forever.
This skill now has a cooldown of 1 turn.

Pivotal Scene
This skill now deals 20 damage, down 5, from 25 each turn.

Shawlong Qufang 41.59%
Matches Played: 803 (0.29%)

Slashing Fury
Shawlong furiously slashes at one enemy, dealing 25 piercing physical damage that cannot be countered or reflected to them. The following turn, 'Slashing Fury' and 'Critical Slash' will cost 1 less random reiatsu.
2 Random
0 Cooldown
Physical, Instant

Critical Slash
This skill will now lower the cost of both 'Slashing Fury' and 'Critical Slash' for 1 turn.

Menoly Mallia 43.63%
Matches Played: 1020 (0.37%)

Blood-Red Cero
This skill now deals 20 damage, down 15, from 35
This skill now costs 1 Kidou, instead of 1 Kidou and 1 Random
This skill no longer ignores invulnerability

Menoly overcharges her Cero, increasing the damage it deals by 20. Menoly will also receive 15 affliction damage*. This skill stacks and can kill Menoly.
1 Random
0 Cooldown
Strategic, Affliction*, Instant

Zero-Point Explosion
This skill no longer drops Menoly to 5 health.

Dondochakka Bilstin 40.07%
Matches Played: 589 (0.21%)

Summon Bawabawa
This skill now has a cooldown of 3, down 1, from 4.

Mila Rose 42.91%
Matches Played: 895 (0.33%)

Lion's Feast
This skill will now counter both physical and reiatsu skills, instead of just physical.

Gantebainne Mosqueda 46.85%
Matches Played: 826 (0.3%)

Beast Punishment
This skill no longer has a cooldown

Dragra Release
This skill no longer reduces the cooldown of Beast Punishment.

Dordonii Alessandro Socacchio 46.37%
Matches Played: 992 (0.36%)

Cyclone Kick
This skill now deals 30 damage, down 5, from 35
This skill now costs 1 Hakuda, 1 Random instead of 2 Hakuda

Aaroniero Arruruerie 51.69%
Matches Played: 1631 (0.59%)

Aaroniero spreads affliction through his enemies, dealing 15 affliction damage to one enemy. The following turn, that enemy's stuns will last 1 turn less, and their reiatsu removal or drain skills will remove or drain 1 less.

Resurreccion Szayel 52.23%
Matches Played: 764 (0.28%)

Organs Crush
This skill now deals 30 damage, up 5, from 25.

Child Nel 54.35%
Matches Played: 828 (0.3%)

Super Acceleration
This skill no longer has a cost
This skill now has a cooldown of 0, down 3, from 3.
This skill no longer makes Nel invulnerable

Skull Bash
This skill now deals 25 damage, down 10, from 35
This skill no makes Nel invulnerable for 1 turn.

Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck 63.74%
Matches Played: 6379 (2.33%)

Lanzador Verde
This skill no longer destroys destructible defense.

Ushoda Hachigen 60.02%
Matches Played: 2246 (0.82%)

Standing Ovation
This skill can now be used during Gate of the Four Beasts

Gate of The Four Beasts
One enemy will have their damage reduced by 100 and will ignore all beneficial skills. This skill will end if the enemy uses 3 skills that deal 30 or more damage or 5 skills that deal 10 or more damage.
1 Kidou, 1 Rei, 1 Random
6 Cooldown
Strategic, Instant

Aikawa Love 50.1%
Matches Played: 479 (0.17%)

Bursting Club
This skill will now deal 30 affliction damage, up 5, from 25.

Tengumaru Swing
For 2 turns, 'Club Crush' and 'Bursting Club' will have their Hakuda costs changed to Random and for 2 turns if a new non-affliction damaging skill is used on him, the attacker will receive 15 physical damage*. This skill will be replaced by 'Battle Cry' after it is used.

Hirako Shinji 59.83%
Matches Played: 1907 (0.69%)

Collapse, Sakanade
This skill will now increase costs by 1 random, instead of 1 kidou

Koutotsu 42.59%
Matches Played: 951 (0.35%)

The Precipice World
The Precipice World appears, surrounding all enemies for 2 turns. During this time, when Koutotsu or one of its allies uses a new skill that deals damage, they will heal equal to the original damage. The following 2 turns, 'Time-Space Distortion' will become usable.

Sweeper Cleaner
Koutotsu moves toward an enemy, dealing 25 affliction damage. If 'The Precipice World' is active, that enemy will have all skills on them removed. Skills that character has used on other characters that are not tied to their own skills will not be removed.

Senna 44.12%
Matches Played: 136 (0.05%)

Call Forth the Twilight, Mirokumaru
This skill now costs 1 Zan, 1 Random, instead of 1 Hakuda, 1 Zan

Dark Rukia 57.5%
Matches Played: 160 (0.06%)

Corrupting Release
This skill will grant 5 destructible defense each turn.
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