YU-GI-OH all 5 season.

 Topic: YU-GI-OH all 5 season.
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  Posted on March 10, 2016 14:32
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The main charter is Yugi moto. Joey walks into the shop that Yugi grandfather owns thats tthe first series

2nd series We have the main char name is Jaden he has brown hair. He goses to a dueling school.

We have the 3rd main char of this sseries named yusay fudo. they ride there bikes and there dueling agian!

4th season they start off at with him in his room then this ghost called asteral appers.

5th season Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V

We have a cool looking main char his dad was in the ciruis. There is a a good them song They have a thing called pentalman summoning. I think this show is a good one and you should watch it!
  Posted on March 10, 2016 16:51
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There is such a thing as flooding the forum with topics and being banned for it. Since this is the main topic that is inherently breaking the section's rules, I'm just going to ask that you chill. Anymore topics too soon and it'll be a ban instead.
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