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  Posted on January 18, 2017 14:59
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January 14, 2009
I cannot believe this happened, Joshua


I couldn't sleep, just like every other night but, but yesterday was different, we talked, you even seemed happy to talk and, about hanging out with another friend this weekend.
Well, anyway i began my day leaving the house at around 5 am, all because I felt like taking a stroll.
Then home I went, until around 11 am, I left again, this time to a fast food joint, then lunch, then with a friend I met, we smoked and, laughed as he listened, as he attempted to console my blinded reality.
Then I went back to the library,
There a friend I met again,
We chatted and, hugged,
Seeing the disbelief in ourselves, together.
Now I wonder, as a sparkling ember,
Glistening in the breathe now,
If your truly at peace,
I am in shock, I mean...
We talked yesterday!
Why couldn't d I have helped..!
Your last message sent to me was,
"I'll let you know
i know
sorry bout that!
lets def chill soon"
And mine was, whenever your ready.
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