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  Posted on January 18, 2017 15:02
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Always live life as if it's a stage performance, because the blues is a joke, laugh with me won't you.
This nonsense I speak is my song,
Nothing more, it's called my curse.
Words are my light, my savior and, unfortunately their my downfall, at times.
people never realize such fables though,
how words can be life itself,
how talking of evenly discussed evil doesn't make me a monster,
simply a beast,
a tortured soul ...
Is all I speak of..
Why has life shown me its most intense hues,
I never question this,
I only have accepted to accept fate, my destiny is my dream and,
it'll die with me.
if such a nonsense were to happen, trust me...
This nonsense is my blessing,
That I attempt to save myself with,
These words I speak are always for myself.
I don't need therapy..!
I just need a voice, myself, so don't judge me so, although cold heart'd and devilish I can speak at times,
I haven't experienced true war,
But truth be told.
I've experienced life and, life is the worse battle to be told, if you're able to tell such a tale, yourself ...
Don't stop breathing my friends ..
xx Finally Capturing What The Mind Couldn't See xx

xx Why be consumed like the weak, when you could die in the fire xx
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