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  Posted on May 8, 2009 19:08
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January 7, 2009

This guide was created to provide an easy to access and up to date source of general information regarding rules and code of conduct for the Soul-Boards community. All members are expected to read this guide and are otherwise unknowingly subjecting themselves to the risk of breaking the rules. We will punish rule breaking whether you have read the guide or not. Besides the rules and expectations of the forums, this guide provides important interpretation of those rules as well as other helpful information and links.

Table of Contents
1. Rules and Guidelines
2. Specific Section Rules
3. Important Definitions/Interpretations
4. About Scamming
5. The Amazing Edit Button
6. Bumping Guide
7. Spelling/Grammar
8. Frequently Asked Questions
9. Helpful Links
10. A Message from the Moderating Staff
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January 7, 2009

1. No spamming.
2. No flaming.
3. No racism or otherwise prejudice actions. This includes posts, pictures, etc.
4. No harassing other members, moderators, etc.
5. Do not double post or post multiple times in a row.
6. Do not flood the forums by posting tons of times in a row. See definition.
7. No linking to sexually explicit websites or posting sexual explicit material. Do not post pornographic (including hentai) images or use them in your avatar/signature. Nudity, sexual activity, or an inappropriate level of bared skin is not allowed. Any text, transcript, or writing containing explicit sexual activity or sexual in context are prohibited as well.
8. Do not link to warez, cracked software, torrents, or make any illegal transactions that contribute to piracy on the forums.
9. No excessive swearing/cussing.
10. No account scamming.
11. Do not impersonate a member, a moderator, or any other member of the staff.
12. Using or claiming credit for creating somebody else's original avatar, GFX piece, character work, signature, etc., even if edited slightly, is not allowed.
13. Do not discuss the moderators or their actions unless given permission to do so. This includes the moderators of Naruto-Arena as well.
14. Advertising or promoting other websites/services as a whole is not allowed.
15. No back seat modding.
16. Do not evade your bans. If you do ban evade you will be permanently banned. If you wish to discuss your ban please feel free to do so with the moderator via private message.
17. Do not share classified information! If you know a secret, keep it to yourself. We don't need information to leak and spread to everyone. This goes for the moderators too!
18. Do not cause unnecessary drama.
19. No trading accounts (Soul Arena or otherwise).
20. Do not post text in a different language than the section is.

Moderators have the right to create and enforce rules in their own respective sections. You must obey those rules and listen to any request the moderator makes regardless of section.

Members banned on the forum lose right to enter official contests and events.

Also do note: Breaking the rules purposely on an alt account can result in an immediate ban without warning, and it can affect your main account too.
  Posted on May 8, 2009 19:09
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These rules are enforced in the specified sections. They may also be located at the top of the specific boards. Please keep that in mind when posting in the following areas.

Under Construction.
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January 7, 2009

In this section, certain words and phrases used throughout the rules will be defined and/or interpreted. This is so there is no confusion over what is meant by a certain rule and so the rules cannot be argued.

Spam: A message and/or topic that is pointless, off-topic, or otherwise lacks content that adds to the discussion. This includes often quoting someone without adding content of your own. Topics with misleading titles are also considered spam, regardless of the message content.

Double Posting: Posting twice or more times in a row without other people's posts in between. If you want to add something, you should use the edit button.

Flooding: Intentionally posting a lot in a short period of time with the intent of disrupting topics or the forums. Generally, five or more posts in a row is considered flooding. Excessive posting on a multitude of inactive topics may also be considered flooding. If one post takes up a whole page and the content in that post is simply smilies or spam in general, it will be considered as flooding (Examples: post with a very long image, too many images/smiles in one post, quoting a flood post)

Flaming: Any posts meant to offend or hurt any other member in a manner which is offensive and/or insulting. Even calling someone a n00b is considered light flaming.

Harassment: Constantly nagging someone with offensive or negative messages in an attempt to make them feel unhappy or annoyed.

Warez: Illegally copied software that is often associated with pirating.

Ripping: Taking someone else's original artwork, such as signatures and avatars, and claiming them as your own. Even if you slightly edit the image, it is still considered ripped.

Scamming: Attempting to trick or persuade somebody in handing over the password to their account.

Impersonation: Replicating someone's profile and/or name in order to appear to be that person. This also pertains to falsely claiming to be a Moderator/Admin of any "Naruto-Arena" project to try and trick the population.

Back Seat Modding: Warning members and/or "punishing" them as if you are a moderator when you aren't actually a moderator. The real moderators can handle their jobs just fine without fakes running around.

Ban Evading: Accessing the forums while you are banned, which usually makes things worse because it results in a permanent IP ban.

Classified Information: Any information that is meant to be kept secret from normal members.

Drama: Immature behavior that causes a disruption on the forums and usually causes members to fight among themselves. Please, respect each other and DO NOT CAUSE DRAMA!

Trolling: This has multiple meanings; basically, trolling is when you create a topic or post where you intentionally try to get a negative reaction from others, whether it be spam or drama.

Troll Accounts: Accounts/alt accounts that were made for the sole purpose of spamming, trolling, or any other violation of the rules, as an attempt to avoid getting in trouble on their real account. Which doesn't work because these accounts are normally permanently IP-banned.
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January 7, 2009

We are alarmed by the growing number of Soul-Arena players who have gotten their accounts stolen by certain members who ask for their passwords. The scammers usually pose as 'members' of the Soul-Arena staff (Admins/Global Mods/Moderators), and promise to promote you as 'moderator' in exchange of your account's password. All such claims are fake!

Please DO NOT believe such requests.

Here is a sample Private Message:

you seem your very good at this game would you want to be moderator, i need your pass to put it, and im gametesters right hand man and i look if some1 spam or something against rules so do you want. it takes only 20 min

Please remember that your account is your responsibility. It is basic Internet common-sense not to give out your password to complete strangers. We, the Soul-Arena staff, will never ask for your password. No one in the Soul-Arena staff should ever ask you for your password.

Remember also that your password and account are your responsibility, and if anyone asks you for it to either join their clan or unlock characters, etc. don't give it out to them. If you do so, the Soul-Arena Staff has no accountability if your account is stolen and is NOT required to return it, as it is just a burden that distracts us from doing more important things.

However, If in the case that your account has indeed been stolen, you may feel free to contact the Soul-Arena staff with valid proof that the account was yours with as much information as possible, and we may possibly return your account, if we have enough spare time to do so. But there are no guarantees.

In short:
1) Moderators and rest of the staff will never ask for your password.
2) There are no cheats or hacks to lvl up.
3) Your account can and will get stolen if you give your password out.
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Double posting is against the rules. That is when you post multiple times within a short time period without anyone else posting. The way to fix this is to use The Amazing Edit Button!

The amazing edit button is a blue button located in the top right hand corner of all your posts.

By clicking that button, you can edit and/or add stuff to your post without double posting. To show that you edited your post, you can add the new content after the word "Edit:".

Once you are finished editing your post, click the blue "Edit Reply" button at the bottom.

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This section explains how you can bump a topic without breaking the double-posting rule. It is really simple and you should be fine as long as you follow the guidelines. Bumping is primarily used in clan topics.

A bump may only be used at least 24 hours after the last post on the thread, not 24 hours after your own last post. If you bump before 24 hours it is spam (most people will not time you to the second so wait a minimum of 23 hours). Also, having post after post between you and another person of just the word "bump" is not bumping the topic, but indeed spamming it. The first offense of mis-bumping will result in your post being deleted, any further offense will result in disciplinary actions. Please keep this in mind when you want to bump a topic.

In Short:
1) Bumps are only to be used 24 hours after the last post on the topic.
2) Mis-use of bumps the first time, your post will be deleted. Anymore after that, and it's warnings and/or bans.
3) Do not start a discussion with someone having "bump" in every post.
4) This applies to all of the boards. Not just in the clan section.

An example of the proper way to bump a thread:

If you have any questions you'd like answered on how to properly bump a thread, please contact a moderator.
  Posted on May 8, 2009 19:10
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January 7, 2009

Here is a post by Pilaf regarding spelling and grammar. Please heed his advice.

On the topic of grammar:

Please take the time to, at the very least, capitalize the first letter of your sentences. It makes identifying each individual sentence much easier. Proper nouns are not a must, as I forget to capitalize them as well, so it's not like I can yell at you for that. However, capitalizing them would still help, though it is by no means necessary.

Please PUNCTUATE. It becomes rather difficult to read if you string together multiple ideas without any sort of break. It takes under a second to type in a period, a comma, or even a semicolon ( ; ) if you're daring.

Abbreviations: Take the extra second, PLEASE, to type the extra two characters. It's nearly effortless to do this, and clears up a good amount of confusion. This includes R, Hu, Wut, Y, U, etc... While abbreviations such as b/c and w/o and IDK etc. are fine, one to two letters is really not asking much.

Spelling: At least make a conscious effort to spell correctly. If you don't know how to spell a word, or if your finger slips, that's fine; but don't rush so much that you start yo splap the ketyboad like this. This is not a race; your post will still get read, and the time you took to spell everything correctly (spellcheck helps too) will make it much easier on everyone else.

Caps Lock: It is not wise to type in ALL CAPS LOCK LIKE THIS! It often annoys people and they will also think that you are yelling at them. Look at what you're typing every once in a while, to make sure you didn't accidentally turn caps lock on.
If you just follow those guidelines, not only will everything you type be a lot clearer, but people will also be able to understand you.

A few words on posting:

- Please try to keep your post on topic, or at least within the confines of whatever tangent the thread might be on. While it may SEEM right to come into a thread about how Uruhara is the best in-game character and say "Has anyone seen Bankai Uruhara? He's so cool!"... It's not. You're posting something that has very little relevance to the topic at hand, and will not add to the conversation. It ends up having the opposite effect, at best being a post everyone needs to skip, and at worst completely derailing the thread. Even worse is to post something totally off topic, like "Who likes Linkin Park?"-- Worse yet is to ask someone to check out your website or join your clan.
  Posted on May 8, 2009 19:11
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January 7, 2009

What are the forum ranks and how many posts do I need for each rank?

An organized rank list can be found here.

How do you become a mod?

The simple answer to this question is that you don't. The moderating staff is decent enough for the time being. Therefore, we don't need any more. However, if you act in a respectable manner and obey the rules on a regular basis, you never know what might happen The current team is based upon people who were well known in Soul-Arena because of their respect of the rules and their ability to uphold the rules in a proper manner.

Who are the current moderators?

The current updated list of moderators can be found: here.

Why isn't my new avatar showing up?

It usually takes a while for recently uploaded images to show up. If refreshing the browser isn't doing anything, just be patient. It may take a while, but the new avatar always shows up without fail.

Why isn't my post count increasing?

The post count indicator takes a while to update so you should just be patient. Although, there are sections where post count is completely turned off so any posts made in those sections will not count towards your post count at all.

In what sections is post count turned off?

Post count is currently turned off in the following areas. However, it may change so check the bottom of the board in question to see if post count is off or not.

Seireitei > Introductions
Seireitei > Clans > Soul-Arena Clans
Otaku Corner > Battle Grounds
Hueco Mundo
Off Topic Discussion > Off-topic

Is there a search function for the forums?

Unfortunately there is no such feature at this time. However, you can use Google to search the forum by adding the "" prefix. An example of such search.

This person is breaking the rules in my thread. What do I do?

The best thing to do would be to PM a moderator, preferably one for that section, and inform him/her of the situation. Don't forget to tell the moderator the name of the person, what they are doing, and the thread they are doing it in.
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January 7, 2009

This section provides a variety of links that are very helpful in many situations.
Image Resizers

Image Hosting


Game Manual
Frequently Asked Questions
Shinigami Ladder
Shinigami Assignments
Latest Balance Changes
Character Classifications

Forum Guide/Help
Off-Topic Rules & Guidelines
Change the looks of Soul-Boards! [The S-B Skin Add-on]

Other Links
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January 7, 2009

We, the moderators of Soul-Arena and, are here to serve the community of members and players. By deleting posts, locking threads, and banning users, we are only trying to keep the boards clean and appropriate so that the utmost enjoyment is possible for users of all ages. Members should not be afraid to private message us with reports of rule breaking, general questions, or problems of your own. We will not ban you unless the private message is breaking rules. However, this does not mean you will always get the response you want. Depending on the content of the PM, we may not respond at all or merely redirect you to another place to ask the question. You have to understand that we are very busy and have lives outside of Soul-Arena and Soul-Boards on top of that. During our short time since becoming moderators, we have experienced spam, flaming, flooding, etc. Instead of getting fed up with it all and banning anything we see, because we would never do that, we decided to be productive and create this guide so that everything is in one place and easy to find. Please, if you haven't already done so, read every part of the guide so that you may have a complete understanding of all the rules.

Special mention to past moderators:
The following people were once moderators of this site, and for some reason or another are no longer a part of the staff. We would like to thank those members for their past efforts, and wish them the best for whatever they choose to do after this.


Special Thanks to:
Betrayer: Coming up with the original Forum Guide.
megaTORN, Donovan-X, L08: Updating the Forum Guide.
Leychance: Producing the Scammer Section of the Forum Guide.
Moderating Staff: Upholding the Forum Guide Rules.
Pilaf: Producing the Grammar Section of the Forum Guide.
Raizen-1: Creating the images for The Amazing Edit Button & Bumping.
Soul-Arena Administrators: Making the game available to all.

Thanks for reading,
~Soul-Boards Moderating Staff
Amaterasu94, Bankichigo15, BLeachX_X, Cry, Four_Tailed_Fox.
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