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  Posted on January 3, 2010 23:38
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Hanakari Jinta 41.02%
Matches Played: 1258 (0.49%)

Bat Strike
This skill will now do 5 more damage.

Jinta Homerun
This skill will now do 5 more damage.

Kurotsuchi Nemu 45.25%
Matches Played: 3430 (1.35%)

Nemu sacrifices herself to protect one ally character for 1 turn. The first enemy who uses a new damaging skill on that ally will be countered and stunned for 1 turn, and Nemu will receive 15 affliction damage*. During this time they will take 100% more physical and reiatsu damage. This skill is invisible
1 Random
1 Cooldown
Strategy, Affliction*, Action

This skill will now have 1 cooldown.

Ichimaru Gin 56.83%
Matches Played: 7526 (2.96%)

Sword Barrage
This skill will no longer improve Shoot to Kill, Shinsou.

Ishida Ryuuken 55.39%
Matches Played: 16455 (6.47%)

Quincy Shot
This skill will now deal 5 less physical damage.

Shawlong Qufang 42.03%
Matches Played: 3571 (1.4%)

Slashing Fury

This skill will now have no cooldown.

SB Skin Add-on
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