Other Manga and Comics - !! READ !!! Other Manga and Comics Rules [Updated 9/18/2012]

 Topic: !!! READ !!! Other Manga and Comics Rules [Updated 9/18/2012]
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  Posted on January 13, 2010 03:13
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1. All topics are to contain 1 manga or comic. This is to help keep this section clean, and the new Directory easier to use. Likewise, all manga or comics will have one topic each.

2. All topics in this particular section must follow the given format to be added to the Directory. If not they are subject to lock or deletion.

Format is as follows:


-Image- (Optional)

-Author- (Optional)
-Artist- (Optional)



-Personal review/opinion-

3. Other kinds of topics, such as info, questions or discussions about Manga/Comics in general should be placed HERE. In other words, The Otaku Corner section is for topics that do not or cannot follow the format needed in the Other Manga and Comics section. Also, similarly, the "Who wins this battle?" and alike topics should be placed here.

4. All sexually explicit manga must contain be tagged with [NSFW] in the topic title and can have an optional disclaimer in the topic itself.
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